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Reformed & Reformed Baptist Resources in Spanish

Confession of Faith

Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 — Spanish Edition

  • Exposición de la Confessión Bautista de Fede (Modern Exposition of 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith), by Samuel E. Waldron
  • The Holiness of God, by R.C. Sproul
  • ARBCA Publication Booklets (The following booklets can be ordered in print here.)
    • El Bautismo y la Teología del Pacto (Baptism and Covenant Theology), by Walter J. Chantry (Free PDF)
    • Asistir a la Iglesia: ¿Es Importante? (Church Attendance: Is It Important?), by Earl M. Blackburn (Free PDF)
    • El Día del Señor (The Lord’s Day), by Philip Schaff (Free PDF)
    • Los Medios de Gracia: Como Puede Crecer Como Cristiano (The Means of Grace: How You Can Grow as a Christian), by Earl M. Blackburn (Free PDF)
    • El Mito del Libre Albedrío (The Myth of Free Will), by Walter J. Chantry (Free PDF)
    • Eleccíon Incondicional (Unconditional Election), by Earl M. Blackburn (Free PDF)
    • ¿Qué es una Iglesia Bautista Reformada? (What is a Reformed Baptist Church?), by William Payne (Free PDF)
    • ¿A Cuál Iglesia se Debe Unir? (Which Church Should You Join?), by Earl M. Blackburn (Free PDF)
    • ¿Por qué debe Ud. Unirse a una Iglesia? (Why You Should Join a Church), by Earl M. Blackburn (Free PDF)



Audio Sermons in Spanish from Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, La Mirada, California